Poison dart frogs / UK-Version / Birthday Calendar (Wall Calendar 2022 DIN A4 Landscape)




Poison dart frogs live in the rainforests of Central and South America and on a few Hawaiian islands. There are more than 100 species of poison dart frogs, varying in color and pattern. Poison frogs are known as the jewels of the rain forest and come in just about every color combination you can think. The beautiful colors oft the poison dart frogs are warnings to potential predators that the frogs are poisonous. 12-month calendar featuring wonderful pictures of poison dart frogs and plenty of space to write in key events.Stay on track and remember important dates with this Poison dart frogs calendars. Every month features beautiful pictures of your favorite frogs. Never forget an appointment again! Calvendo calendars are premium products – a bit more pricey than others but with added benefits: Our calendars always look beautiful on your wall because we produce them locally with premium paper and sophisticated spiral binding, ensuring easy turning of pages and flat hanging against the wall. A protective transparent plastic cover sheet provides added stability and each calendar comes in five languages. Treat yourself to a Calvendo calendar and you get something that looks better all year round. This successful calendar was re-released this year with the same pictures and updated calendar. Dieser erfolgreiche Kalender wurde dieses Jahr mit gleichen Bildern und aktualisiertem Kalendarium wiederveröffentlicht.

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