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Exhibition game High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! An exhibition game (also known as an exhibition match or simply exhibition, or a demonstration or demo or an "exhibit" event) is a sporting event in which there is no competitive value of any significant kind to any competitor (such as tournament or season rankings, or prize money) regardless of the outcome of the competition. Quality of play is generally valued over the end result. In association football a common equivalent term is friendly match. The term scrimmage is also sometimes used, especially with regard to team sports, but is ambiguous because it has other meanings even in that context. Another synonym is preparation match. Throughout the world, many team and one-on-one sports and games feature exhibition matches. For example, two professional snooker or chess players, or two ice hockey teams, may play an exhibition to settle a challenge, to provide (compensated) entertainment, or often to raise money for charities. In some sports, especially in North America, exhibition games also take the form of a handful of pre-season games that are intended to familiarize teammates with each other and prepare for upcoming matches.

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